Vintage Typewriter

While running errands yesterday I stopped by my favorite local thrift store. Found this awesome gem!! 1960-1970 Smith and Corona manual typewriter $5.90. Yes please!! 

I’ve been looking for a vintage manual type writer to add fun sayings and such to my paper crafts and vintage upcycled items. This one is small in size and comes with its own carrying case. Works well for its age, just needs a clean up and a new ribbon. Thank goodness for eBay and amazon, they both sell them very reasonable. 

By Melissa Grimmesey 

Vintage Paper Mache Eggs

It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already found vintage awesomeness!! I love thrift store hunting. Found these two vintage paper mache Easter eggs $1.50 for both!! Crazy right?!?

They are from the 1950-1960’s. One was made in Western Germany the other in GDR-German Democratic Republic. Those who know me will tell you I collect everything vintage German. It’s my heritage and I can’t help myself. 

By Melissa Grimmesey 

Free Desk Makeover

I haven’t done a furniture painting project in many months. Mostly due to the rain, my painting space is outside. Long story short my daughter is really into making slime. She and her friends have an Instagram account about it and even sell it to friends. This weekend we had a large spill of glue in her room…yes on the carpet!! So we decided she needed a work space just for slime. As the name suggests slime is messy, so I didn’t want to invest much. 

So first course of business was looking for a free piece of furniture. Found one quickly but of course it was major plasticity veneer. I knew I didn’t want to chalk paint it because lots of dyes and product would be used on the surface. I also didn’t want to put to much effort into something that was temporary. 

Contact paper!!! Three rolls from the Dollar Tree and I’m done!! Not perfect by any means. But perfect for a slime factory. Check out my before and after $3 total!!

By Melissa Grimmesey 

Vintage Bar Set

Super awesome vintage bar set I found at an estate sale a couple weeks ago. Got it out to pack it up for next weeks show in Nipomo. What I find the best about many vintage things is that majority are made in the USA. All of the items pictures here were and I think that makes them extra special!! Don’t you??

By Melissa Grimmesey